Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Digital Studio scrapbook layouts

Good evening! I thought I would share some of my scrappages that I made using My Digital Studio. I really love this program because it's so easy to use... I can't tell you how many other programs I tried and hated!! They were either too limited for craetivity or I had no idea how to use them!! MDS is perfect for the novice digi scrapper but if you're advanced then you'll love this ,too!! I also like that I can download elements from other sources and they work with MDS! Easy-peasy, that's what I'm all about these days!!

To make the brads align in a circle, I added a circle punch and lined up the brads around it and then removed the circle. The birthday elements are downloaded from Summer Driggs' s blog, combined with MDS elements.I changed the background several time before I selected this one... I wanted it to be bright and cheerful.

This layout was based on a sketch that I found online. I like that I can add my journalling later without having to change the layout!

I like being able to layer photos on each other , like  on this layout. I can have several photos without crowding the page.The sketch and the elements here were found/ purchased from online sources.
Thanks for looking!

Until next time.... happy crafting!!


  1. Great layouts. Clean and simple, too! Hmm... might just look into that program. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thank you Lisa! It's such an easy program and you can do so much with it.... I'm a very novice digi scrapper , but it's fun to play around with!! I used page maps I found in magazines and online to help with layout ideas... they really take all the guesswork out of these pages.