Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A glimpse of our summer so far ; 2011

Hi all!!! I really wanted  to blog regularily this summer and with all the cool days and rain , yoou would think I'd have more time, but nope!! My house was a crazy, chaotic place full of kids , visiting family ( so happy to have 'em,too!!!) and absolutely no schedule at all!!! I wanted to share you just a glimpse of our summer, so far......
I just love those sunsets by the ocean!

On our way to hike the Starlight Trail .

BJ loved the hike,too!!

We braved the damp and cold to celebrate our nation's birthday!!!

The view from one of the lookouts .... I'm so lucky to live here!!

The kids had a blast jumping and playing in the waves at the park.... the water was so cold!!!!!!

It was great having my niece visit this summer!!!! (Allie and Meg)

There were so many of these jellyfish along the shore.

The beach looked pretty cool here.

Gotta love summer , now matter how short of a season it is!!!!

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