Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas giftboxes - Silhouette style

Hi all!! I love making 3D projects and with my Cricut and Silhouette it's super easy to create some fun and cute projects. I found several boxes at Silhouette's online store that I wanted to try out. I treally like the unique shapes of these and they were pretty easy to assemble ( I wish Silhouette would post instructions with thier cutfiles .... have not always had success on the first try with assembly!!!).

Here are a few that I made...
Here's my first one....

This box measures about 5" tall and has curved sides... it's the perfect size for some yummy treats.I like the slits in the handles ... so much easier to tying ribbon / twine through.

.. the second..

This box measures about 6" in width and is about 3" tall ( with lid on). You can adjust the size for a smaller gift and I made another one a bit bigger for a couple of ornaments. 

and the third one....

This hex box is so much prettier in real life!! I love it so much and I've alreay made another one just a wee bit smalller. This one is quite large at over 10" tall .The cutfile came with layers to fill in Santa and his reindeer but I prefer the silhouette shape instead.

And finally....

I think this box is so awesome with its' star shape's a 7 sided box that is about 3.5" in diameter and 6.25" tall. Hmmm... now what could I put in here???

Thanks for stopping by my blog today ... stay warm and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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