Monday, January 24, 2011

Craft Room

Hi all!! A couple of weeks ago I started the transition from my teeny tiny space ( shared with the laundry room *gasp*) to my new space upstairs , in my daughters former room. They are getting brand new rooms , much bigger and much nicer!!! While my darling husband is away ( in Bangladesh right now) working , I thought I get started. First of all , my son and I tore out that yucky carpet.... so now I gotta wait for new flooring but it's still better than what was there!! I painted the room a very lovely shade of blue- so relaxing!!

Here's the beginnings of my new room:

Eventually , I'm getting a desk space made with custom sized drawers for my stamp sets and paper, but right now I'm making due with this desk- it's sturdy and big enough to create on.... you should what it usually looks like!!! I barely have enough room for my iPad ( which I so love!!) and laptop plus all the stuff I need to create!!! There's usually not much of the desk visible!! LOL

The filing cabinet holds most of my 8.5 X 11 Stampin' Up! carrdstock , the rest is on the desk. My SU! 12x12 DSP is in paper holders on the cabinet and the cardstock is in the slots in the cubby . I had these on my desk, but I prefer them on the floor and it clears up so much more space! I'm slowly building up my collection of the new style SU punches.. I have almost all of them in both styles. The old style sits on rods I bought at Ikea  ( not up yet) and the ones that don't fit, plus other types, are in a bin on the shelf. That hideous ribbon holder is a cry for help!!!!I have one ribbon holder on another wall shelf ( still downstairs) but I've accumulated so much ribbon ( how'd that happen???? ) and I really needed to put it somewhere... so I drilled a hole in a block of wood and stuck a cheap curtain rod in it and there you have , a very ugly, but somewhat functional ribbon storage.

I just love Vicki Boutin's idea of a photo display by repurposing a decorative curtain rod with cafe clips. You can find out about Vicki's super storage ideas in Feb. issue of Scrapbooks Etc. For now I have stuff stored in these storage boxes/ carts and totes.... hope to have my proper space soon!! The messy bulletin board is hidden behind the door, as are those totes!

These storage shelves were purchased at Walmart and Kent ( hardware store) and each cubby measures just under 12 inches squared so they won't be able to hold all my paper as I had hoped, but they sure hold lots of other stuff. I have everything form my Cricut cartridges , SU! dies/folders, vinyl and more! My Cricut Expression has it's own bag, finally!!

My closet is a decent size... one shelf holds all my scrapbook albums with room for more! These green/grey storage boxes were on clearance at Walmart, so I stocked up! They sure come in handy getting all my little odds and ends organized! Those big fabric cubes hold my cardstock ( non-su) and patterned paper... I also have clear storage bins....hmmmm, maybe I have alot of paper?? Those colored containers hold a little bit of everything scrapbook related ... stickers, embellishments, whatever!

So, there you have it! My room still has a long way to go before it's finished , but I still love it here! It's my space where I make a mess, create and ENJOY!

Have a great day!


  1. It looks fantastic Candy!

  2. Thanks Emma! It's still a work in progress but I'm happy to be out of my laundry room!!!!